What you need to know about us!

Cosyndry was originally founded in 2000 by My Mum Margaret and her husband Nigel. Together they began to source products that customers wanted and sold them via eBay. In 2005 they launched there website, moving to Lincolnshire in 2006 where they expanded to a warehouse unit and began making there own products.

They had a seamstress who made custom items and out sourced other items. In 2007 I joined the family buisness as a seamstress and they company grew and sales were booming. In 2014 I took over the reins to give Mum and Nigel some down time although they both continued working for the company. Nigel was great at graphics and designing new products, he also controlled the website. Mum was the lady behind communications with customers and dispatch. Unforunatly we lost Nigel in 2017 which left a huge void for us as a company but mainly as a family.

Myself and Mum wanted to carry the business on as we both love doing what we do, Mum now well known as the queen of "knickers", and myself the custom made seamstress. We work hand in hand together althought the website was a big issue as Nigel was the only one who know how to do it!!!

Finally in 2020 we have launched our new website which has been a lot of hard work but also very rewarding when I see what the site looks like, fingers crossed it will work much better for our customers and us. I would like to tell you that 90% of all our range is made in house, if it is brought in I have made you aware of this on the product description.

In saying that this means that myself and Margaret make all of your beautifull items by hand so sometimes depending of the amount of orders we have you will have to wait for your orders. Most items will only be a few days but costom made dresses/Pjs/Onesies could be longer but we will aim to keep you informed. I look forward to seeing our little business blossom and bloom over the coming years to provide quality items to you.

Amanda & Margaret xx