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Mr and Mrs Bear Print Plastic Pants

Mr and Mrs Bear print plastic pants

Very cute prints of Teddies walking the doggie feature on these adorable adult baby nursery print pants.
They are bound to make you look and feel very babyish!

They are constructed from a thick pvc with all waist and leg elastics sewn in.
The feel of them is soft and secure thanks to the wide waist band elastic which really helps to support the weight of wet nappies without drooping.

All sizes are available from small through to super large.
See size chart to get the best fit for you.

size chart
size chart for printed plastic pants

Design change:

Now made with soft exposed leg elastics instead of enclosed elastics.
Photo showing soft leg elastics
exposed leg elastic - altered printed pants

On offer at just £9.50 a pair Plus Postage

Price Including Options: £9.50