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Mr and Mrs Bear Print Plastic Pants

mr and mrs bear pvc pants

Nanny is selling the remaining stock of her printed plastic pants at a greatly reduced price.

Most sizes are still available but some sizes are low in stock.

Sizes still available for Mr and Mrs Bear print pvc pants are as follows;

Waist Size from 28” – 32” (71 – 79 cm)
Crotch width 11” (28 cm)
Side Depth 9” (23 cm)
Leg opening stretch Max 20” (51 cm)
Be sure to check out leg opening stretch above as they are smaller than usual

Full cut with a generous crotch width and deep sides.
All elastics have been fully sewn in to give a totally waterproof interior.

You may find this plastic a little stiff and noisy when first worn. This is due to the fact that they are made from a thick grade of pvc that makes them feel stiff when cold but once warmed up by body heat they become quite soft and pliable.

All in all they are a great baby pant but suffer from rather narrow leg openings, hence the price of just £6 plus shipping cost to clear.

Price Including Options: £6.00