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Adult Baby Play Mat

half size playmat - ballerina print

All babies no matter how big or small need somewhere to sit and play with their toys so this handy sized PVC play mat will give Mommies or Daddies peace of mind knowing that if baby wets it is not going to ruin the carpet!

The mats measure 45 inches (115 cm) x 32 inches (82 cm) plenty big enough for an adult baby to sit on and could even double up as a changing mat providing the baby is not too big.

Colour choice are:

  • Ballerina print pvc (as shown in pic) with white pvc underside – Code 10D
  • Mr & Mrs Bears prints pvc with blue pvc underside – Code 10C
  • Princess prints pvc with white pvc underside – Code 10A
  • Plain blue pvc top side with white pvc underside

PVC Prints
[rinted pvc swatch
Material: PVC

Size: 32” x 45” (82 × 115 cm)

Price Including Options: £28.00